We can give a very personal tour to your group.
The SKIMMER is a U.S. Coast Guard licensed vessel.  There is shelter from rain, sun, and wind.  Our route remains in calm back bays.  Sea sickness is unlikely, even if prone to it.  A frequent question is 'what about mosquitoes?'.  The SKIMMER does not encounter them...our route is on tidal salt water marshes.  There is a marine toilet on board.  Rest rooms are located at the Cape May Inlet Marina.   There is ample parking at the marina including buses...all free.

For groups we recommend a two hour excursion.  Excursions are narrated.  One variation is to include a stop at a waterside restaurant for lunch or dinner.   There are several to choose from.   Additional time should be allowed for this.

Please call for rates and times.  We can usually accommodate your schedule. We will plan special tours suited to your group.  Many groups find our regular tour to be very rewarding.  We will discount your group rate.  Discounts can be on a per passenger basis or on a charter price.  Group fares are discounted.