We are the premier wildlife boat tour in Cape May. We sail 7 days per week with some of our trips being co-sponsored by all the local environmental organizations. We depart from either Cape May or Stone Harbor so be sure to check out our schedule and click on our daily calendar for more information. Our tours explore the coastal salt marsh. Itinerary includes natural history, fish, crustaceans, shellfish, marine mammals, plant life, tidal flows, and bird life. Tours remain on placid inland waters. Your fare promotes a non-consumptive use of our environment.

Explore the Cape May Coastal Wetlands Wildlife Management Area aboard the 40' SKIMMER. Tour one of N.J.'s densest populations of nesting Ospreys. Nearly a dozen nests are visible at once! The SKIMMER routinely visits these spectacular natural areas.

The striking Black Skimmer is proof that the most exotic wildlife lives right here in New Jersey. See the world's largest colony of Laughing Gulls. Visit a heron rookery. Cruises offer an up close look at salt marsh ecology.

Family Owned & Operated - Travis & Kate Davis

Fun for the whole family!